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The Student Loan Law Workshop™

There are over 44 million Americans with student loans. 

How many of them are your clients? How many of them could be?

The Student Loan Law Workshop™, open to members of the legal and financial services communities, is designed to educate you about student loans, how to assist your clients and how to profit. 



“It was truly enjoyed by all.  It gave us lots of solid items to incorporate now and ideas how to grow and move forward!”

Neil S. Sader

Sader Law Firm, LLC

What’s New?

We’ve added an entire section to the agenda on marketing and monetizing student loan assistance!

This includes:

  • Best practices for advertising
  • What your budget should be
  • Fee structures and pricing
  • Tips and tricks to attract clients
  • Software that makes you more efficient and profitable
  • A 100+ page manual including all the information covered in the workshop

We’ve also added more support!

Once you have attended the workshop, you receive:

  • Unlimited access to our exclusive listserve where you can ask questions, exchange experience, strategy and tactics with other grads
  • Sample documents that include motions, cases and more
  • Sample advertisements
  • Sample scripts to use with clients
  • Financial analysis and perspectives for Financial Advisors

There is more coming in 2020!

We are accredited!

This course can qualify for CLE credits. Please contact us for more information.

Attention Grads!

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