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The Student Loan Law Workshop™ is presented... 

 …for both attorneys and personal financial advisors. It focuses on student loans, their financial impact, problems, fixes and options, both legal and non-legal. The workshop consists of Day 1 for both attorneys and financial advisors. Day 2 is for attorneys where a deep dive into legal matters is the focus.

By the end of Day 1

Everyone will have a complete understanding of:

  • The student loan lifecycle
  • How to read a student loan record and identify issues
  • The impact of student loans, defaults, and financial effects
  • How to obtain affordable monthly payments
  • How to fix defaults
  • The impact of bankruptcy, retirement, and family budgeting
  • How to use software to streamline and profit from serving people with student loans

You can immediately include student loan services in your practice armed with the knowledge and tools provided by the leading expert in student loans!

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Day 1: The Business of Student Loans

For Attorneys and Financial Advisors:

  • The student loan lifecycle
  • Differences between federal and private student loans
  • Identifying the players and their roles within the student loans industry
  • How to read, translate, and track student loans for your clients
  • Student loan impact on credit
  • Planning for children’s college when parents still have their own student loans
  • Retirement planning with student loans
  • The 9 different repayment plans
  • Defaulting, consequences, and collection practices
  • Getting out of trouble by:
    • Stopping wage garnishment
    • Stopping tax refund interceptsGetting back on track
  • Ways to eliminate student loans – Forgiveness and Discharges
    •  Discharging loans without bankruptcy – administrative discharges
  • Deferment and forbearance – the difference and impacts on loans
  • Settling student loans – when you can and can’t
  • The intersection of student loans and bankruptcy
  • What to do with a private student loan
  • Practice scenarios
  • Web-based software to assist
  • How to incorporate Student Loan advice into your business

Day 2: The Deep Dive (For Attorneys Only)

  • Issue spotting – FDCPA violations and other consumer protection laws
  • Defending lawsuits – Federal and Private
  • Bankruptcy – Proof of claims for private loans
  • Bankruptcy – Chapter 13 and IDR
  • Bankruptcy discharges

Previously attended a workshop? That’s ok. This workshop has:

  • Expanded content on previously discussed topics
  • New training on Borrower Defense to Repayment
  • New software to make it easier to do business
  • Updated ways to incorporate student loan services into your practice

As a returning graduate, you get 25% off. See the schedule of workshops and register for the location that works best for you! 

Contact Josh at for the discount code.

This seminar is led by “The Student Loan Lawyer™” who has been featured on Bloomberg, CNN, NPR, and Fox News, to name a few. Attorney Cohen has been helping individuals across the country with their student loans since 2008 and has trained more than 300 attorneys.

Why is a lawyer leading this seminar?

Joshua R. I. Cohen, The Student Loan Lawyer, has recognized that most student loan issues are financial in nature, not legal. However, the process of determining a person’s options and how to enact them is buried in regulations and legal speak. He will unwind the legal speak and break the items down into easily understandable options you can include with your services, making you more valuable to your clients. And, if there turns out to be a legal issue, you know the expert to go to!

Remember: Seating is limited so register today!