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Student Loan Law Workshop Partners


I’ve been a consumer protection lawyer for over 22 years, helping people lower their student loan payments and get out of default, reorganize their finances by using the bankruptcy laws, correct errors on their credit reports, defend lawsuits brought by collectors, and sue debt collectors who harass people in violation of federal and state law.

For years, I found myself rendered ineffective in the face of my clients’ mounting student loan debt. Bankruptcy helped with other bills, but not student loans. Over time I came to understand that our educational system is broken.

Children are raised to believe college is necessary for a financially secure life, and the cost of education is the best investment they can make in their future. Don’t worry about the price tag, they’re told.  You’ll get a great job after graduation and you’ll pay it back then.

Armed with the optimism provided by every responsible adult, the media and educators they’ve been taught to trust blindly, millions of students each year sign on the dotted line for tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. Encouraged to pay no attention to the details of repayment, they pass their college years without care.

When it comes time to repay their loans, borrowers are given little information and few if any choices. Pay or else, they’re told by the modern gangsters who run the student loan companies and servicers. In the absence of reliable help, many borrowers default on their student loans, ruining their prospects for a better financial future.

I attended the Student Loan Law Workshop in June 2012 to learn how to help my clients fight back and gain control over their student loans. Since that time, my practice has evolved into one that deals almost exclusively with student loan issues.

I’ve developed not only a set of best practices for student loan resolution, but also a profitable and effective model for operating a successful consumer law practice. My tactics and techniques have been battle-tested in my own practice, and I’m pleased to bring them to you as a student of The Student Loan Law Workshop.

I’ve been a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys since 2002, and served as New York State co-chair from 2004-2012. I’m also a member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates.

Currently, I practice in both New York and California.