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Student Loan Workshop
for Financial Advisors

Student loans comprise one of the largest categories of personal debt. Unlike a mortgage, the price of education changes every year with little to no warning. Students move from one school to the next, changing the needs and financial requirements at a moment’s notice making them difficult to plan for and deal with. Every school has a different way of calculating the needs basis, family contribution and other components, often leaving people feeling they are at the mercy of their school.

Parents rely on financial advisors, consultants and others to figure out how to save for college without having a specific monetary goal. Add extraneous variables like the economy, interest rates, salary and employment changes, and you have an unreliable basis for planning the economic future of your client.

SLLW for Financial Advisors equips you with:

  • The knowledge of how student loans work
  • The legal aspects that can cause trouble
  • The difference between private and federal student loans
  • Options to work with your clients and help them make a better plan

Increase your value to clients by offering additional insight into how they can:

  • Reduce the student loans they need
  • Tap into the more than $2 Billion in scholarships and grants that go unused every year
  • Factor career choices into repayment options

This will help you provide your client with a pre- and post-school plan, differentiating
you from the competition. 

Graduates of the workshop typically move away from the “Free” consults that eat up their time, allowing them to maximize their income potential.

You also gain access to sample marketing materials, worksheets to help you organize student loan processes, a workshop manual for reference and free access to ask questions if you need assistance later.


We’re offering several virtual workshops this year. They are divided into four half-days to make it easier for you to attend without disrupting your already busy schedule.

See the Dates and Rates for the scheduled workshop that works best for you.

Please Note: These workshops are not provided in a recorded mode so you must attend live. If you miss a date, you can attend the next date for that day’s agenda, but we recommend you commit to the dates for a better learning experience.