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The Student Loan Law Workshop™

Everyday I receive calls and e-mails from people wondering what they can do to deal with student loans. It could be a parent, it could be a concerned sibling, or it could be the borrower themselves calling. It could even be a parent that co-signed for their child. From simple questions to abusive collection conduct, the demand for legal help for student loan issues has never been greater. With the recent report that student loan debt now exceeds 1.5 trillion dollars, the demand will only increase. Further, because student loans are rarely dischargeable in bankruptcy, borrowers are trapped and are in desperate need of help.

That is why I created the Student Loan Law Workshop, a comprehensive seminar covering Student Loan Law and Financial issues including:

  • The History of Student Loans
  • Understanding key differences between Federal, State, and Private Student Loans
  • The Student Loan Life Cycle
  • In-depth discussion of the different stages w/statutory and regulatory analysis
  • Collection practices specific to student loans
  • Typical student loan problems with issue spotting exercises
  • Understanding the 9 repament plans and the financial and legal attributes
  • Emerging problems with student loans
  • Handling student loans in and out of bankruptcy
  • Defending student loan lawsuits – Especially those pesky private loans
  • Assisting with Administrative Discharges

Over 300 attorneys have attended my workshop but the demand for student loan assistance is still not close to being met. Additionally, the need for more accurate financial planning and repayment advice as well as budgeting and personal economics of student loans is on the rise. This is why I am now offering this workshop to those who offer financial advice to individuals such as financial advisors.

Are you a consumer attorney or personal financial advisor interested in attending a workshop but can’t make it to the events already scheduled? Receive notifications of new dates and locations by using the form below. 

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